Adding Hygge to Your Home Staging Strategy

Adding Hygge to Your Home Staging Strategy

Most people think of the obvious steps for staging a home. They know to apply a fresh coat of neutral paint, how to declutter, and fix any resounding maintenance issues. But many are left wondering what the house will look like once it has been decluttered and all personal items have been removed. Will the house be inviting to potential buyers, or will it appear stark and cold? The key to appeal to buyers through home staging, especially during the winter months, is to add Hygge into your house.

What is Hygge?

Hygge, pronounced hoo-guh, is a Danish term that is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. These are the exact sentiments that you want potential buyers feeling as they walk around during a showing…cozy, comfortable, at home. Hygge almost implies a magical and ethereal quality.

How Does Hygge Translate into Home Staging?

The key to creating Hygge in a home is to create spaces and moments that evoke that warm familiar feeling. Think of putting on the plush and warm pair of socks as you gather around with those you love most. This feeling can translate into cozy little vignettes throughout the home as you prepare it for sale and for showings.

The elements that are used to evoke Hygge are natural fabrics with texture, natural warm-colored wood, and broken-in leather. Plants with natural-colored and textural pots are also used.

In the eating spaces of your home add in natural elements such as a burlap runner on the dining table, a candle center piece and white plates sitting atop woven chargers with linen napkins. In the kitchen, incorporate a macramé element on the wall to break up stark cabinets and add textured floor mats by the sink and stovetop.

In the gathering spaces drape plush throws over an arm chair to allow buyers to imagine themselves curled up reading their favorite novel while drinking tea. Place cable knit throw pillows on the couches and play candle lanterns next to the fireplace.

In the bedrooms you might place sheepskin-looking rugs at the side of the bed and light natural wood benches at the end of the bed. Create a spa-like environment in the bathrooms with a natural wood bathtub caddy that is holding a wine glass and some candles. Finally, take the Hygge outside by adding twinkly lights by the patio.

Most of these hygge elements can be purchased inexpensively at retailers like HomeGoods or Target, and can even be found at thrift stores. Even better, these are all piece of décor that you can take to your new home to recreate that feeling of coziness in your new space as well.

Another way to get the hygge in your home is to have your home stage. Staging your home to sell is the perfect way to allow someone else to do all the work for you. Creating the hygge in your is as important as setting the price right. Below is one of my listings that was listed as a vacant home as showing happened we received feedback about the home feeling cold, other real estate brokers said staging would really help. My sellers decided to stage the home we received an offer right away and closed. Below are photos from before staging and after.

Can you feel hygge?